Adress : C. Lopez de Vega, 1      

17480 Rosas (Espagne)

GPS: N 42º 15.946" / E 3º 9.656"

Parking is possible in the neighbourhood or paying garage in the apartments.


Girona Airport : 60km from the apartments 

Perpignan Airport: 80km from the apartments 

Barcelona Airport : 150km from the apartments

It is possible to rent a car at the Airport or take a taxi.

Figueres train station: regional, national and international 

WARNING: from the train station to the apartments you must provide a means of transport (20km). 

Transfer by taxi: it is possible to take a taxi in the neighbourhood. 

Car rental: the company "AMPURIA CAR". 

Bus: the "SARFA" company.

Local bus: the company "VIÑOLAS" to get around Rosas.